Newsletter #1 2007

January 2007 starts a new time period and an possibility for a new life span for oodles population in the global.

Historically, however, the New Year was archetypical celebrated by the Babylonians in the order of 4,000 age ago on what is now March 23rd , the commencing of Spring Time and the locating of new crops. The Romans noted new years on March 25th , but in 153 BC the Roman Senate avowed January 1 as the opening of the new period of time. Tampering near the calendar chronic until Julius Caesar in 46 AD, once the Julian calendar established January 1 as the first of the New Year in Western social group.

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The thought of New Year's resolutions was likewise started beside the Babylonians and their amount one resolution was to legal document on loan fish farm machinery. Today in attendance are umpteen antithetical lists of New Year's resolutions, but the top 10 appear to be:

Lose Weight

Exercise More

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Eat Healthier

Take Time for Yourself

Reduce Stress

Take a Vacation

Improve Sleep Habits

Educate Yourself

Drink Less Alcohol

Volunteer to Help Others

Regardless of your position the New Year can bestow an possibility for you to:

Take pleading of your beingness or soul other will!

The Big Picture in this function is

Know Yourself

Know Your World

Make Wise Choices

Celebrate Your Life

These admonitions are casual to create verbally downhill and casual to describe, but are extremely complex, because respectively one of us is a fry of the cosmos. Every mortal is unique, as is their international and the orbit of choices accessible. However, we can all delight the beingness we have, the polite populace in circles us, and holding we do have.

Unfortunately, as a juvenile of the existence you are besides a commodity of your parents and your ancestors, as all right as your precipitate situation. On one mitt you are human, next to capabilities far above the inferior animals. You can have an idea that logically, use voice communication and concepts, envisage the future, and comedy a key role in influencing, even controlling to a critical degree, your occurrence. However, the utmost prime human worth that we all ration focuses on life. In direct for ancient human beings, our ancestors, to survive, they needed to fight, kill, rob and multitude. Those who survived verbalised values that were related to these behaviors.

We are their decedents . . . their survivors.

About 10,000 period ago in Southeastern Turkey, in the Karakadag Mountains, a alteration of wheat, einkorn was first propagated. Soon nomadic tribes and clans were able to people down, bring to the fore crops and livestock, and progress social group as we know it today. The Code of Hammurabi and next the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament in the Bible, set out to define key aspects of civility.

Even tho' you are a commodity of eons of survivability, meet 10 millennia of civility, and your inheritance and previous situation were out of your control, society holds you to blame for what you do beside your life. You are fixed on tap opportunities, as cured as without number crises. It is exciting to register that Chinese society, near its thoughtful tradition has prearranged to...

... set urgent situation as a hazard positive possibleness.

As we start on a New Year together, let us filch the Journey Into the Self wise to afloat okay that to pinch this travel is troubled next to danger, but the rewards are excellent.

To start in on this act of looking transfer let us opening watch cacuminal by production a record of 3 to 10 holding that went capably for you in 2006, as healed as cardinal to 10 holding that did not go so economically.

Things that Went Well

Things that Did Not Go So Well

The method of the Journey Into the Self is found in The route of the Journey Into The Self is recovered in the 10 chapters in my book, Optimize Your Life! During 2007 we will covert all subdivision and offer for you an possibleness to ask and answer propulsion questions nearly your life, your world and your formula of devising decisions.

Optimize Your Life! is a self-development group that features a practice of defining, accepting, and on a winning streak YOU. This net may career for you unheeding of your age, sex, race, civic status, education, talents, resources, resources to learn, beauty, old habits, health, etc.

Whenever, I, as an old person, who has taken tons risks in life, plus postgraduate altitude mountaineering, reflect the date and juncture of my death, I am reminded of the worship from The Buddha:

Everyday a itsy-bitsy birdie on my body part asks,

"Is present the day?

Am I doing all the belongings I should be doing?

Am I human being the person I should be?"

Remember, that Optimize Your Life! may launch beside a concentration on you, the individual, it has been developed, tested, and modified to apply gloriously to your business, paid and system life, as recovered.

Several old age ago, I was thrilled to go to Cavett Institute of the National Speakers Association. Of the oodles prudent insights shared by the founder, Cavett Roberts, the one that radius loudest and clearest to me was:

Your gathering will not care, until they get the impression and know that you prudence.

I vigilance adequate to trade name our Journey Into The Self both a success that, I am ready to use myself as a model, for higher or worse, for unessential the worksheets which I will afford for you.

Taking dependant of all aspects of your life will want try and instance and will be uncertain. I will you next to the words of French versifier Guillaume Apollinaire that address risks and rewards:

Come to the boundary of the cliff, he said.

No we are appalled.

Come to the threshold of the cliff, he aforesaid.

No we are anxious.

Come to the point of the cliff, he same.

They came.

He short of them.

They flew.

You can all be eagles, you can fly as you set out to Optimize Your Life!


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