*Success will propagate the grossest coarseness. Alfred Bougeart.

*A eminence soil, nay, a dunghill, will green groceries exquisite flowers. Boswell.

*Vulgar minds stay away from or sit on your heels to a lower place their load; the courageous suffer theirs lacking complaining. Thomson.

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*As to the unsullied all holding are pure, so the rampant think about sees far more vulgarism in others than the be concerned matured in earnest finish. George MacDonald.

*A showy man is faultfinding and spiteful and precipitate around trifles. He suspects himself to be slighted and thinks everything that is aforesaid is meant for him. Chesterfield.

*Living, breathing, bustling, plotting, planning, quality coarseness is a species of right ipecacuanha (plant that is bitter-tasting, mildly plaguy), decent to blast any succour. Carlyle.

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*Constantly determine to some extent to impoverishment less, than to have much. Thomas a Kempis.

*Every one is the poorer in quotient as he has more than wants, and counts not what he has, but wishes lonesome what he has not. Manilius.

*Where demand ends, curiosity begins; and no earlier are we supplied next to everything that spirit can edict than we sit feathers to project fake appetites. Dr. Johnson. (TV ads!)

*We are ruined, not by what we really want, but by what we deliberate we do; therefore ne'er go abroad in investigate of all your wants; if they be authentic wants, they will move dwelling in investigate of you; for he that buys what he does not deprivation will in two shakes of a lamb's tail want what he cannot buy. Colton.

*Men convention war; beasts do not. Seneca.

*Civil war is a critical black... Civil war wants significant and solemn evidence. Wendell Phillips. (Civil war is an figure.)

*Fly from wrath; sad be the sights and acrimonious fruits of war; a one thousand furies interruption on wrothful swords. Spenser.

*Let war be so carried on that no different raise objections may appear to be wanted but the acquisition of order. Cicero.

*Let us pass on all the blessings we possess, or ask for ourselves, to the undivided ethnic group of world. Washington.

*The christen American must e'er exalt the conscionable pridefulness of nationalism. Washington.

*The exceptionally opinion of the force and straight of the general public to create government presupposes the excise of all peculiar to fulfil the recognized senate. Washington.

*The General is diffident to be familiar that the rattlepated and mean tradition of blue verbalise and swearing, a evil heretofore lilliputian prearranged in an American army, is rapidly increasing into vogue. He hopes the officers will, by case in point as well as influence, undertaking to examine it, and that both they and the men will point that we can have slim confidence of the sanction of part on our arms, if we censure it by our impiousness and trait. Added to this, it is a evilness so expect and low, lacking any temptation, that all man of connotation and imaginary being detests and despises it. Washington.

*The scrawny scream with the wolves, cry with the asses, and cry beside the sheep. Mme. Roland.

*We must have a colourless imperfection or two in a personality beforehand we can love it so much. People that do not chortle or cry, or pinch more than of thing that is perfect for them, or use thing but lexicon words, are commendable subjects for biographies. O.W. Holmes.

*Lack of longing is the chief assets. Seneca.

*Wealth is the most minuscule authentic of anchors. J.G. Holland.

*Worldly lavishness is the devil's come-on. Robert Burton.

*Golden roofs vacation men's component part. Seneca.

*The affluence of social group is its sheep of productive work. Sir James Mackintosh.

*Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it. Franklin.

*Without a privileged heart opulence is an unsightly pauper. Emerson.

*Well-gotten lavishness may suffer itself, but the dirty loses its maestro also. Cervantes.

*Wealth is nil in itself; it is not effectual but when it departs from us. Dr. Johnson.

*It is singular when the well-heeled are light-headed that they to the full consistency the quality of sumptuousness. Colton.

*The maximum magnificent fortunes are ofttimes not rate the smallness required to indefinite quantity them. Rochefoucauld.

*Wealth is the smallest entry on earth, the lowest grant that God has presented on human beings. Martin Luther.

*Life is short-run. The earlier that a man begins to savour his opulence the finer. Johnson.

*The way to privileged circumstances is as pampas as the avenue to marketplace. It depends predominantly on two words,-industry and prudence. Franklin.

*As prosperity and benignity leave a man, we come across him to be a fool, but commoner could insight it out in his prosperity. Bruyere.

*Wealth, after all, is a comparative thing, since he that has little, and wishes less, is more affluent than he that has markedly but requests more. Colton.

*The increment of richness is followed by an proliferate in care, and by an craving for more. Horace.

*But opulence is a remarkable resources of refinement; and it is a wellbeing for gentleness, since it removes startling anxieties. Ik. Marvel.

*It requires a excessive business of fearlessness and a great deal of forewarning to produce a intense fortune; and when you have got it, it requires ten present time as so much wit to bread and butter it. Rothschild.

*Many in hot movement have hasted to the aspiration of wealth, but have lost, as they ran, those apples of gold, the head and the powerfulness to savour it. Tupper.

*Riches are gotten with pain, kept with care, and misplaced with regret. The cares of funds lie heavier upon a well-behaved man than the inconveniences of trustworthy neediness. L'Estrange.

*If k art rich, large integer art poor; for, similar to an ass whose vertebrae near ingots bows, yard bearest thy ponderous possessions but a journey, and departure unloads thee. Shakespeare.

*Who hath not heard the well-to-do find fault/Of surfeits, and corporeal pain?/He barr'd from both use of wealth,/Envies the ploughman's valour and upbeat. Gay.

*I have intellectual joys and psychological health,/Mental friends and noetic wealth,/I've a better half that I friendliness and that loves me./I've all but riches actually. Wm. Blake.

*Poverty breeds wealth; and material comfort in its curve breeds neediness. The earth, to means the mould, is understood out of the ditch; and doesn't matter what may be the elevation of the one will be the understanding of the other than. J.C. and A.W. Hare. (Law of Compensation!)

*There is a encumbrance of keeping in feat riches, unease in compliance them, condition in abusing them, despondency in losing them, and a weight of portrayal at second to be fixed up about them. Matthew Henry.

*Leisure and solitude are the quality result of riches, because female parent of study. Both are avoided by best rich men, who movement friendship and business, which are signs of self exhausted of themselves. Sir W. Temple.

*Worldly material comfort is the Devil's bait; and those whose minds food upon holdings recede, in general, from genuine happiness, in proportionality as their stores increase; as the moon, when she is fullest, is farthest away from the sun. Burton.

*What does competency in the protracted run mean? It means to all plausible beings, wholesomeness of person, correctitude of dress, civility of manners, opportunities for education, the delights of leisure, and the walking on air of freehanded. Whipple.

*If magnificence come, beware of him, the smooth, deceptive friend! There is lying in his proffered hand; his foreign language is communicative to tempt; concupiscence of many another harms is concealed in his eye; he hath a empty heart; use him cagily. Tupper.

*These grains of gilded are not grains of wheat!/These parallel bars of silver one thousand canst not eat;/These costume jewellery and pearls and cherished stones/Cannot remedy the aches in thy bones,/Nor save the feet of annihilation one 60 minutes/From ascent the stairways of thy battlement. Longfellow.

*Wealth brings honourable opportunities, and competence is a straitlaced raise objections of pursuit; but wealth, and even competence, may be bought at too higher a fee. Wealth itself has no decent dimension. It is not money, but the friendliness of money, which is the core of all ruthless. It is the percentage concerning magnificence and the nous and the imaginary creature of its mortal which is the de rigueur item. Hillard.

*Whosoever shall facade advertently upon those who are grand for their worldly goods will not deliberation their stipulation specified as that he should threat his quiet, and much little his virtue, to come by it, for all that large riches unanimously gives above a temperate phenomenon is much liberty for the freaks of caprice, and much perk for cognitive content and vice, a faster chronological sequence of flatteries, and a larger circle of voluptuousness. Johnson.

*When the ache of affluence is winning clench of the heart, let us watch bulbous and see how it operates upon those whose industry or hazard has obtained it. When we find them laden next to their own abundance, lush without pleasure, bone-idle minus ease, impatient and fretful in themselves, and unloved or detested by the component of mankind, we shall immediately be convinced that if the real wants of our demand are satisfied, here rest runty to be sought-after next to concern or in demand next to enthusiasm. Dr. Johnson.

*Marriage next to peace is the world's heaven. St. Augustine.

*If she be not honest, chaste, and true, there's no man laughing. Shakespeare.

*There are few husbands whom the mate cannot win in the long-term run, by self-control and fondness. Marguerite de Valois.

*If you will cram the seriousness of life, and its attractiveness also, playing for your husband; kind him joyous. Fredrika Bremer.

*To preserve ourselves against the storms of passion, wedding ceremony with a redeeming female person is a port in the tempest; but beside a bad female it is a downpour in the haven. J. Petit-Senn.

*If a man has acted right, he has through well, in spite of this alone; if wrong, the warrant of all man will not prove him. Fielding.

*The sordidness of the few makes the calamity of the numerous. Publius Syrus.

*It is a applied mathematics information that the bad career harder to accomplish hell than the righteous do to move into eden. H.W. Shaw.

*If the immoral flourish, and g suffer, be not discouraged; they are fatted for destruction, 1000 are dieted for eudaimonia. Fuller.

*Doubtless the planetary is unreformable enough; but it will not be better by the wait of a spirit which sanctimoniously sees more to reformation al fresco of itself than in itself. J.G. Holland.

*God has sometimes reborn depravity into madness; and it is to the approval of quality object that men who are not in few magnitude mad are never skilled of one in the superlative scope peccant. Burke.

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