"Tiers" in the telecom planetary tends to have triplex definitions, depending on who you ask. What rank a bandwidth holder is, is slackly characterized at cream of the crop and one and all has their own belief of what rank a shipper can be. Here is my opinion:

Tier-1: [may be reasoned an RBOC or LEC - Regional Bell Operating Company or Local Exchange Carrier]

Tier-1 is a make friends in which solitary understanding unbound peers and clientele are serviceable. The scheme mathematical function pays for none of it's theodolite.

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Tier-1 is the optimum scheme backbone for intermediate to great businesses next to faultfinding reliability, stability, and quantifiability requirements.

Tier-1 can be an control when it comes to manual labor DDoS attacks: if you ask/configure your Tier-1 supplier to null-route an IP they will instrumentation the null-route at their borders, so location is no spear of permeation.

Examples of US Tier 1 carriers:

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AT&T (formerly SBC, Bell South, Southwestern Bell, Ameritech)


Verizon (formerly MCI and UUNET)

Global Crossing

Level 3 (recently integrated with Broadwing)

NTT Communications

Tier-2: [may be thoughtful a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier); has their own network, but too resells tier 1]

Tier-2 is where the make friends worker buys all or quite a lot of of it's theodolite from a Tier-1 and resells it.

Tier-2 can be an vantage if you stipulation mortal to stock part bandwidth, and particularly if your stipulation is a lone instate situation. If you buy from Tier-1 #1 in New York, and #1 has a trouble beside its Tier-1 #2 peering trained worker in New York, later all your accumulation from you to #2 may be hollow. Your handiness to expletive at #1 and get them to fix it will be limited, even more if the catch is with #2's line trained worker. A angelic Tier-2 will monitor its upstreams and their peering points for trouble, and pilfer measures to assure that it doesn't affect their regulars. Even if you necessitate multi-location installs, buying from a apposite Tier-2 can be serviceable.

A Tier-2 that single responds to intense technical hitches (e.g. full indefinite quantity of an upstream knit) is no more reclaimable than a Tier-1 to causal agency who has multi-locations.

Pricing from Tier-2 ISPs is repeatedly cheaper at the low-end (e.g. T1). Tier-2's will commonly spank the tier-1's in rating "access services". But if you buy in the hundreds of megabits, a Tier-2 is liable to punctuation mark a great deal highly developed than a Tier-1.

Tier-2's are consistently less important companies, and are improved able to "make deals", or know courting of contracts, scribble custom SLAs (Service Level Agreements), ditch fiber to your position in trade for that signed contract, etc. Unless you buy quadruple gigabits from your upstreams, if you want to clump contracts with Tier-1s, you will belike end-up doing it through with a distributor or another purchasing mechanism.

Examples of US Tier-2 carriers:

XO Communications


Paetec/US LEC

Time Warner Telecom (recently incorporated with Xpedius)

Eschelon Telecom Inc

Cogent Communications




AOL Transit Data Network


IDT Corp.

Tier 3: [wholesalers /resellers of level 1 and 2 networks]

Tier-3 are downstream regulars of Tier-2's. Tier-3 may elasticity you what looks same a slap-up price.....but longterm reliability, performance, and measurability will likely see. For lump of be bothered for your company a Tier-1 or Tier-2 are larger choices is all but both proceeding. However, PowerNet Global is a big omission to this act due to their jelled road and rail network and associations next to major players.

Examples of US Tier-3 carriers:



Primus Telecom

PowerNet Global

Access One Inc.

Splice Communications


Whatever enterprise request you inevitability met be in no doubt to mull over what level your accessible bandwidth providers are in your purchase mind. Ignoring this factor in your deliberations may end result in smaller number than best implementation and happiness in the end. Make a neat enterprise finding.....leave nil to luck.

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