I LOVE photo books, so I'm e'er bright when I find a new visualize wording that is as pleasant as this new product from children's novelist Shelly Becker. From the incredibly firstborn page I could place beside itsy-bitsy Gail when her "greedy" Cousin Claire came to visit and Mother told Gail she should be good and insight something that Claire would bask.

When Gail sees that Cousin Claire has snatched her teddy bear bear, she merely can't return it.

Well, past I snapped (I hadn't fleecy),

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A rage occupied my manager.

I scowled so bad next to persuasion red mad,

and this is what I said:

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"MINE, MINE, MINE! You snap it back!

And disconnect that rusty complaint.

Let's get this shortest now, Cousin Claire.

See all this stuff? It's MINE!"

Gail goes on to characterize her important belongings, one by one, for Cousin Claire, belongings her cognise in no hesitant terms that she should living her custody off of EVERYTHING!

When Clair sobs and moans, Mom comes in onetime over again to propose other tip for Gail. But the unforeseen way Gail takes Mom's suggestion is a hoot!

I won't bestow distant the parable here and cosset the fun for readers. I'll a moment ago say that kids aren't the with the sole purpose ones who will be delighted by smallest Gail's "dark side" and her pains to modify and swot to ration.

I was stunned at how okay creative person Hideko Takahashi was able to transfer Gail's and Claire's inner health finished their external body part expressions in specified ultimate illustrations. But they were perfect!

This transcript is MUST HAVE for any preschool's (or preschooler's) library!

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