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Shilajit is the peak influential prescription that Ayurveda has of all time disclosed. It is a mineral-based medicine which is saved leaky from the jagged cliffs. The basic spring of Shilajit in India is the Himalaya, where the Shilajit is found seeping out from the cracks of rocks in the figure of a red to darkling bronzed adhesive element. Apart from India, Shilajit is too found in the unsmooth areas of Nepal, Pakistan, China, Tibet and even as far as in Norway. However the Shilajit recovered in all these areas have conflicting potencies, because of the differences in the rocks modern in these areas.

Charaka in the Charaka Samhita mentioned that the four major constituents of the Shilajit are gold, silver, atomic number 29 and robust. According to the prevailing mixture of the elements, he classified Shilajit as Swarna Shilajit (containing maximal gold bars), Rajat Shilajit (containing greatest metallic), Tamra Shilajit (containing maximal metallic element) and Lauha Shilajit (containing peak cast-iron). Lauha Shilajit is achromatic in color.

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It is as well the supreme uncontrolled and the peak promptly accessible of all forms of Shilajit. Later, Sushrut put transmit that Shilajit contains two more than central atmospheric condition. They were front and zn. Modern investigation has shown that Shilajit contains more than 85 minerals in unlike ionic forms and besides a exceptionally efficacious unpleasant celebrated as fulvic tart. Shilajit's step arrangement is likened to the stuff ozokerite.

Shilajit is celebrated by lots other than hatchet job. In English, it is hot as Mineral Pitch and Mineral Wax. It is likewise popular with by its Latin calumny Asphaltum and Black Asphaltum (referring to Lauha Shilajit). Its Sanskrit pet name manner 'conqueror of rocks' (shila = rock, jit = success). Even in Sanskrit it is known by more than a few other derived named specified as Shilajitu, Silajatu, etc.


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Charaka has mentioned that the Shilajit can engender the article as serious as a rock, and that nearby is no malady that cannot be healed with Shilajit. This overriding drive in Shilajit from the excessive religious leader Charaka himself stems from the fact that the Shilajit is a grownup of various healthful properties. The following are numerous of the all important properties of Shilajit:-

(i) Shilajit is an antioxidant.

(ii) Shilajit helps to give a boost to the distressed convention.

(iii) Shilajit is one of the few medicines in Ayurveda that have been grouped as a curative. It is utilized in conjunction near separate herbs that are induced to employment echoingly in the body, and hence give out greater health-giving event.

(iv) Shilajit helps in the conveyance of materials inwardly the thing.

(v) Shilajit is a humour setup.

(vi) Shilajit has properties in accretionary the mental representation and general mental dimensions of the someone.

(vii) Shilajit is termed as a rasayana in Ayurvedic medicine. That is, it is an adaptogen that helps to meliorate immune disorders.


Shilajit has been traditionally utilised in India ended respective centuries for a wide open group of reasons. The tailing are every of the maximum cardinal reasons for which Shilajit has gained its general laurels today:-

(i) Aphrodisiacal Properties

Shilajit is known foremost in India for its sexy properties. Its raise has been ready-made even in the wonderful Indian writing of sex, Kama Sutra, transcribed by Vatsyayana. Shilajit can heighten physical attraction in both men and women. It is nearly new overall in the treatment of impotence, vertical dysfunction, low sperm count, unfortunate ejaculation, etc.

(ii) Chest Problems

Medical subject has established conclusively that Shilajit is clever in treating several technical hitches of the casket. It is utilised in the management of allergies and in the aid of metabolism disorders such as as bronchitis, colds, cough, pneumonia, emphysema, etc.

(iii) Diabetes Mellitus

Due to its properties as a panacea, Shilajit is widely nearly new in the reporting of polygenic disease. It carries the sugars in the blood to their vital goal. Thus sweetening is not allowed to compile inside the blood. This is a intensely strategic rung in the psychoanalysis of polygenic disorder mellitus. Shilajit improves the function of the pancreas, which secretes hypoglycaemic agent. Shilajit is effective in bodily function the toxins from the physical structure through evacuation. Overall, Shilajit improves the competence of humor.

(iv) Nervous Disorders

Shilajit is potent in the tending of distressed disorders. It replenishes the wear and slash to the hesitant system. Due to its adaptogen properties, it can firmness condition disorders of the physical structure. Shilajit helps the article to recuperate knocked-out mental state more or less winged.

(v) Obesity

Shilajit has the capability to split fluff fat that has accumulated in the body. Since it can endow with fat biological process the precise direction, Shilajit is in use in the physiotherapy of avoirdupois.

(vi) Vigor and Vitality

Shilajit is greatly popularly prescribed for its amazingly helpful personal property in enhancing force and vitality. It can trade reflective in the uneasy group and reform the gone astray physical phenomenon levels. Due to this, the mortal feels rejuvenated. It essential be far-famed that Shilajit does not meet awaken the natural object to 'feel' energy; it if truth be told replenishes the spirit that is mislaid from the group.

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