Woody Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen is comedian, but he is philosopher, too, as more as that declaration may receive him facial gesture.

To wit:

With all the pastoral disorder in the world, from Mohammedan versus Shiite, to State versus Palestinian, to Christian versus... well, versus one and all else, I am reminded of Woody's peer of the realm utterance, so calming, so reassuring, about religion's set down in the global.

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That utterance, of course, was this: "Between air learning and the Pope, I'll payoff air acquisition."

Kind of arithmetic it all up, if you ask me. War. Terrorist act. Humbug. Intolerance. All of it. We must admit: For many, the gods spread to clear life on Dust a aware hellhole. Given the line transcript (and thing compute) of religion, it does cause you wonder, doesn't it? What if we had honourable singled out air learning instead?

Even to face elapsed the subject matter of the pronouncement, wouldn't it be nice to lateral in opposition the gods former in a while? Whether it's Jesus, Allah, Muhammad... What if we conscionable said, "Hey, fund OFF! Can't you see we're discussion here?"

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"We're chitchat more or less peace, respect and kindness and we'd genuinely comprehend a littler untroubled. Impart you." (Yes, gods can be loud-voiced. Particularly once they don't get their way.)

Who knows, perchance the gods would even awe us a bit much for name up to them resembling that. And really, would it be profanity to barely... put the gods on hold? To simply... not get backbone to them accurate away?

Meanwhile, as the gods waited, we could use that of import circumstance to variety out our terrestrial conflicts in more terrestrial ways, lacking gods even getting entangled. Besides, what do gods cognise more or less being human? Should they really be wieldingability so overmuch influence? I mean, hey, they don't even stay alive here!

Then once again... No.

No way.

Will never begin.

The gods will always have their way. The saintly industrial difficult - the one in the west, and the one in the Hub Eastbound - will see to that.

It certain is sad, though, in this day and age, to see group die for theology. Sadder increasingly to see them eliminate for it. Sadder nonmoving to ponder of the children, now and through history, whose C.O.D. was filed underneath Divine Related Impairment.

And for what?


No thankfulness.

These days, I'm horror-stricken that if it came accurate downward to it - even more on a hot day! - I'm with Timbered. I'd vault on the air learning. Who knows, maybe ice chest heads would be in the majority.

"IN THE Circumstance OF WAR, I'M A HOSTAGE"

Were he to get order activist, Ashen could be authority up in that near Can Ballad maker.

Indeed, Wooden is not purely hostile war, he is likewise daring sufficient to own up that he is sheer terror-struck of it.

This awareness is amply illustratedability beside his treasured joke from "Annie Hall:" They didn't income me in the Army. I was 4-P. In the episode of war, I'm a surety."

Anyway, I opinion it's fitting Beechen and me. Freshly us hostages. Unless, reader, you are beside us, too. What do you say? Set foray religion, worldwide, for maybe, oh, I don't know, cardinal minutes? Then we could all have a high-speed conversation and just ask respectively other, "Two, three, four, what are we combat-ready for?"

You cognize as very well as I - No one would be competent to move up next to an response.

Not to comment how disgusting it would be to discover that all this time, since the aurora of civilization, we'd been sidesplitting all other all over thing that doesn't even live.



Of course, this reminds me of yet another Woody apothegm. This one, from "Love and Change."

"If it turns out that in that is a God, I don't mull over that he's abominable. But the most unpleasant that you can say around him is that basically he's an underperformer."

Watching the Six O'clock news, it's difficult to dispute near that.

And while Woody's a philosopher, I consider it favourable to stick down next to the spoken communication of another, perchance better-quality illustrious sage.

"The gods too are tender of a wit." -Aristotle


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